Lee Trevino Course

A Rare & Unique Trevino Golf Experience

Sprawling throughout the rolling Wisconsin countryside it is a challenge for the seasoned golfer yet forgiving for the beginner, This course plays to Mr. Trevino’s natural fade and features subtle dog-leg right holes on nearly every Par 4 & 5. Trevino has signed his name to only a handful of courses, and ours is one to experience.

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Accuracy tends to be more important than distance on the first hole of the Trevino Course. Your best bet is to favor the right side of the fairway as the left slants into trouble. The green is shallow and is split into two tiers left and right. Stick the green on the pin side, or be prepared to test your putter early in the round.

376 Yards
342 Yards
323 Yards
306 Yards
358 Yards


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