Pam Linker

Events Manager

The indispensable second party to Geneva National’s Champagne Campaign wedding trio, the uber-professional Pam Linker, boasts more than 12 years in the industry coupled with a contagious, calming personality that sets every bride – and mother of the bride – at ease.


A graduate in Organizational Communication from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Pam recognizes communication is key to the wedding planning process. “The whole of my job is working with couples, my amazing team, and the other departments to deliver a once-in-a-lifetime event – and that requires that keeping everyone informed of all details.” Pam’s favorite part of planning weddings?  The big reveal. “I love to see the bride’s face when she sees her reception space for the first time. To have the power to bring someone’s dream to life is sometimes scary – but always awesome!”


P.S. An avid dog lover, Pam is a big fan of incorporating your favorite Fido into your wedding.  Her communication skills also extend to dog whispering. | 262.245.7041




SUNDAY, MARCH 15, 2020



Michele Grasser

Wedding Sales Manager

Michele’s cheerful voice and red-carpet smile are often a bride’s first encounter with Geneva National Resort & Club, as Michele leads most on-property tours.  A wedding planner for more than 15 years, Michele is well versed at listening, creative problem-solving, and guiding a couple through the wedding planning process.  “Because no two couples are the same, no two weddings are the same,” says Michele. “We love the customization and creativity that each couple has for their day!” 


A self-proclaimed “Chaos Coordinator” (due to her other role as mom to four kiddos), Michele also is a dedicated runner, sushi and deep-dish pizza connoisseur, and fervent follower of all trends related to weddings and entertaining. “For couples, planning a wedding can be a stressful experience, but it should BE an experience,” notes Michele. “This is your time to be in the spotlight!”  Give Michele a call and let her get you stage-ready! | 262.245.7044

Jillian Giese

Events Manager

An event planner for 14 years, Jillian’s dream is the same as yours – specifically, that you revel in a day unmatched by any other. To that end, Jillian pours herself into your wedding vision – creating ways for you to incorporate those personal touches that define you as a couple.

She begins by truly connecting with a couple, getting to know them, their story, and their wedding ideas. Then she diligently researches. “I am constantly reading articles, attending webinars, and seeking out any kind of knowledge to stay on top of the trends and concepts that can help bring a couple’s vision to life.”

Composed and sincere, Jillian attributes her strength to being one of four sisters, growing up as a Packer fan in Illinois, and having the value of hard work instilled in her by her late father. “I love what I do – the challenges, the problem-solving, and especially, watching the wedded couple celebrate with family and friends all night.  Those smiles, laughter, and memories are priceless.” | 262.245.7026

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